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Tarachand Vedic Putri Post Graduate College, necessary infrastructure has been developed and well qualified, experienced and committed faculties have been recruited . We have established a transparent system for monitoring and examining of academic procedures along with a well established hierarchical and organizational structure, authority system and documentation procedure for making the college par excellence.


The motto of the college is maritum ethicus i.e. merit with ethics. Social, regional, territorial, geographical, racial and cultural boundaries no longer hold relevance in the present scenario. Merit in human beings without ethics turn him into a wild beast. Merit and ethics are the two pillars upon which the foundation of the academic programmes of the College rests. 


The mission of the college is focused on the overall development of the individuals who can serve their organizations, their society and humanity at large with dedication. The college is, through its academic programmes, determined to provide an environment where the students can flexibly develop their personality.


  • To provide the finest liberal education to the district.
  • Help to prepare educational professionals recognized for the quality and significance of their teaching, research, scholarship, service, outreach and leadership.
  • Enhance the commitment of faculty, staff and students to the centrality of diversity.


The core values of the college underscore and support its vision to educate the students who will have a significant positive impact on society through its commitment to:  Treat all the individuals with dignity and respect, judge impartially and encourage without reservations.


To Develop a high level qualification standard and Offering excellence with best teaching methods. To take up education in various fields of Commerce,  Arts, Business Administration, Computer Application, Education and literature under special short term and long term programs enabling students to refresh and improve upon their knowledge.



Progress in education is driven by the application of many fields of human under-standing and rapid enlightenment brought by advances in technology. Today as we stand at the precipice of change in the Higher education in the State, we are confident that the Alumni of this newly opened college shall carry on the legacy of the education, innovation and enlightenment for all times to come.

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Tara Chand Vedic Putri Post Graduate College

Bhartiya Colony

Muzaffarnagar (U.P)-NCR


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